Echino's horoscope (9th - 31st August)

Echino has fallen in love with the Sicilian sun and,  in  between drinking slushies and sweating profusely, he has again written this horoscope at the House of Cultures of Mediterranean Hope  together with the


participants in the creative writing course, nice and intelligent girls, who enjoyed giving some little advice or a small suggestion. 


What did you say? Still don't know this beautiful reality? Well, do not worry, click on the highlighted words and you will find out everything.


A warm greeting from our sunny editorial staff.


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Translated by: Cristina De Nicola and Luciana Trivelli

Try to be friendlier, don't always say no to everything.
Carefully gauge new acquaintances, not everyone is as they seem.
Go out and have fun, the world is waiting for you.
Don't get angry at everything, sometimes it's better to let it go and let things slide.
Open yourself to new experiences, you will see that things will get better.
Accept people as they come, don't try to change them to your liking.
Be calmer when people test your patience.
Don't be too stubborn, try to fit in with others.
Be sunny and friendly and everything will turn out for the best.
Not all people around us wish us well, it is necessary to learn how to recognize them.
Take some Me Time, put yourself first and try to love yourself.
Wake up, the early bird catches the worm/