Echino's horoscope (9th - 23th May)

Liana Marino, singer- songwriter and great friend of Echino and Echinella writes in one of her beautiful songs "It will be grace and elegance that will save us." 


Today, between the lines of this crazy horoscope, we wanted to look for everything that seems beautiful and elegant to us. 


Small doses of suggestions and advice, our gift to you.

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Enjoy it!


Translated by: Cristina De Nicola and Luciana Trivelli

Sincere smiles are extremely beautiful and elegant.  Smile more!
The shooting star.  It brings with it, on its last journey, the hope of seeing a wish fulfilled. Let’s wish!
Elegant is the flight of the eagle dancing in the sky.  Fly high!
The sunset over the sea.  It warms your soul and leads you to make peace with the world. Take a holiday!
The wisteria tree.  Lilac clusters of fragrant and elegant flowers.  Unity is strength!
The book.  Elegant are the words that tell a story.  Write your own!
The swan.  It is elegance par excellence, without forgetting the ugly duckling though.  Believe in change!
The hedgehog.  In spite of all the spines that cover his body, it is an irresistible invitation to embrace.  Hug as much as you can!
The moon.  Mysterious and elegant.  As for you, try not to be moody.
A puppy. It is soft and very tender. We all need cuddles, but it's nice to give them too.
Butterflies.  Delicate ephemeral beauty.  Live lightly.
Baobabs.  Elegant and majestic giants that look like guardians of the landscape.  Take care of those around you.