Echino's horoscope (6th - 20th June)

With the arrival of June, our friend Echino, also begins to feel the desire to go on holiday, to smell new perfumes, to be in the company of friends and chat under the stars.


A dream is a wish your heart makes, said Cinderella and we like to dream!


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Enjoy it!


Translated by: Cristina De Nicola and Luciana Trivelli

After the climb, the descent returns. Clench your teeth and don't give up.
New interesting friendships are on the way. Be ready!
I can imagine you with a hat and sunscreen, enjoying some well- deserved rest.
Birthdays coming soon? Don't waste time brooding over the past, life is now.
This is the time for evening chats and sharing confidences under the stars.
The scent of jasmine intoxicates, warms the soul and brings with it sweet memories.
A trip? Why not? Choose your destination carefully and above all the company!
Finally we can go back to doing somersaults of happiness!
Has a friendship disappoint you? Sometimes you have to know how to turn the page.
A picnic, by the sea or in the mountains. That's just what it takes to relax.
Seeing nature filling itself with colours will be good for  your thoughts. Shake off the grayness of this period.
Like sea waves, we go back and forth on the seashore, foaming and bubbling away. It's part of the game.