Echino's horoscope (28th October - 3rd November)

Echino has always loved words. This week he has matched each sign with a particular adverb.

Read with an open mind what he has written, knowing that, if you don’t like his advice, you can absolutely ignore it.

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Enjoy it!

Translated by: Cristina De Nicola and Luciana Trivelli

Slowly is the right adverb for you little aries. By always rushing around, you run the risk of forgetting to appreciate the little gifts life gives you.
Face this week diligently, little taurus. Don’t pretend you have forgotten your homework.
You can overcome any challenge bravely, it is your way of life.
Cancer: Tactfully? No way! Forget filters this week, little one, tell it as you see it.
I strongly advise you to live free from conflict this week, some exchanges do not bring anything good.
Face the coming week with joy, a smile is always the best answer.
Quick as a flash? No way, it is not your style. Who would believe you? Also, do not forget that calmness is the strong man/woman’s virtue.
Seven days to live happily, being angry with the world is a waste of time.
Stop continuously being harsh to yourself. Everybody makes mistakes, but once you realize it, you turn the page and move on!
Reaching the top of the mountain is not easy, it requires training, dedication and hard work. How satisfying though getting there!
You can tell a lie unashamedly and people will believe you, but the truth is a lot more interesting.
Gather all your experiences and examine them kindly, what you have been makes what you are.