Echino's horoscope (25th November - 1st December)

Here is our Echino.

When he's hungry, his horoscope smells like food. 

This week comes to you with a high vitamin content.

Enjoy your meal, and your reading!

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Enjoy it!

Translated by: Cristina De Nicola and Luciana Trivelli

A fruit salad week for you,  as you are never satisfied with just one fruit but want to taste them all.
A thorny start like a prickly pear, but then, once the obstacle has been overcome, you can enjoy the fruit and forget the fatigue.
The mischievous chestnut decided to burst rather than get eaten. Desperate times call for desperate measures!
Juicy and fragrant like a fresh watermelon. Enjoy your week, indulge in it, it won't make you fat.
For you little lion cubs, a “beautiful coconut”. Let your thoughts roam on a white beach, dreams don’t cost anything and make us happy.
You know the cherries, right? One leads to another and you can't stop eating them, but be careful not to get a stomach ache!
Each grape is different from the other, like the days of the week, that said a bunch of grapes is good for you.
When the first signs of fatigue appear, three beautiful walnuts will give you strength and courage.
A fruit tart and ... happy birthday! Enjoy your week of summersault.
Your week will be just like a smoothie: full of different flavours added and blended together.
Exotic and refined as a lychee, this week you will rediscover distant friendships.
There is a scent of tangerine peel coming from  the stove… Christmas is coming.  Remember to write your letter to Santa!