Echino's horoscope (23rd-28th September 2020)

This week Echino's horoscope will speak the language of flowers.

Listen to it and act accordingly.

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Enjoy the reading.

Translated by Cristina De Nicola and Luciana Trivelli

The chrysanthemum is the national flower of Japan. It's a symbol of life and of my sincere wish for your happiness.
The snowdrop is a symbol of hope and new life. Are there changes on the horizon?
Apollo consecrated the laurel as a symbol of glory. You are about to celebrate a great victory!
Bring your joy and happiness everywhere you go. Never forget that you possess the easy vibrant beauty of the sunflower!
Iris was the messenger of the gods, bringer of good news. My iris will be a good omen for you.
There is a fragrant and elegant lilac.  Is someone trying to win your heart?
Wisteria, with its fresh and pastel-coloured flowers, symbolizes a strong and tender friendship that lasts over time.
Freesia is a mysterious flower of undisputed beauty. Ideal for a blind date.
It's your week of happy somersaults, that's why I'm offering you a cornflower.
The dashing/flamboyant shape of the azalea and its pleasant scent are symbols of joy, hope and luck.
The lotus flower is a gift of thanksgiving and admiration. Give it to the people who matter in your life.
Mimosa appears fragile and delicate, but in fact it is strong and vital, like the women it symbolizes and like you!