Echino's horoscope (18th January - 31st February)

What are virtues? 

Before Echino, great scholars and philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle have asked themselves the same question.

According to the dictionary a virtue is a disposition of the soul that leads human beings to do good things, without receiving anything in return, neither rewards nor punishments. 

This week Echino has assigned to each of you a virtue, let us know if you recognize yourself.

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Enjoy it!

Translated by: Cristina De Nicola and Luciana Trivelli

Wisdom is perhaps your greatest virtue, a brilliant mind, in constant motion. Put it to good use this week, there is new knowledge to be acquired.
The idea that you are just strong is little more than a stereotype, in reality you are an exquisitely lovable person and this is the right week to prove it to the world.
Courage has always belonged to you, you don’t shrink away from any challenge. But you should know that you can ask for help when needed. There is always a friendly hand that you can cling to.
There is a kind of sacredness in your given word. This is why you can't stand lies and deceptions. Better to warn those around you to avoid pointless discussions.
Generosity has always distinguished you. You know how to give without asking anything in return. But these weeks you will be the one to receive something you have long desired.
Charity is not a simple almsgiving. It means giving oneself to the others in the first person. That's what you're going to do these weeks.
Hope is an extraordinary virtue, especially when it is applied in pursuing one's dreams. I hope with you that they begin to come true, starting from today.
Faith is not strictly limited to religion. It is also important to trust others and know how to encourage them, as you will do in the next few days.
Honestly, it takes courage to be honest all the way. You will be like that these weeks and everyone will appreciate you.
You are not an impulsive individual. Your wisdom has always kept you from harming yourself. These weeks, however, you will act on a whim, making an important decision.
For you, justice is not an abstract concept. You will be able to put this into practice very well in the next few days, arousing the admiration of those who know you.
And yes, prudence is also a virtue. Remember this every time you decide to jump from one side to the other.