Echino's horoscope (14th - 28th July)

Our OroschEchino this time was written from Scicli, in Sicily.


No, do not expect Echino to have been helped by Inspector Montalbano, much more than that. The help came from three very nice girls, friends of the House of Cultures of Mediterranean Hope.


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Translated by: Cristina De Nicola and Luciana Trivelli

Be less stubborn and listen to those who love you!
Envy hurts those who feel it. We must learn to go beyond.
you shouldn’t get angry with your loved ones. It's not worth it!
Not all words need to be listened to, some are superfluous.
Don't worry too much and keep calm, everything will be fine!
Beware of new friends, all that glitters is not gold.
Think before you act, count to 50!
Take advice, but only from people you trust.
Follow your instinct, if it's good for you, it'll be good for everyone!
Have you lost a dear friendship? Do the impossible to recover it!
Stop shutting yourself in the house, summer is waiting for you outside the door!
Put that phone away, talk to those around you.