Echino's horoscope (11th - 25th April)

Even our friend Echino sometimes needs a short vacation, but he is very lucky because he has many friends who are always ready to give him a hand.

This time, her friend, Tatiana Martino, offered to write the horoscope and she did it with great mastery and light-hearted fun in perfect “echinesic” style.

We never take ourselves seriously with our horoscopes, our goal is to make you smile and play with words which we always love doing.

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Enjoy it!

Translated by: Cristina De Nicola and Luciana Trivelli

Who knows what surprises this spring has in store! Like an Easter egg, it will leave you amazed and happy anyway! You don't  believe it? Wait and see!
The Easter Bunny has been generous to you, and in these somewhat strange holidays he has decided to give you surprises and joys to share shortly with the friends you love most.
Being with your head in the clouds is a nice pastime, no doubt about it! Beware of mischievous dragonflies, however, they could land on your nose when you least  expect it and lay down a little luck and a bit of magic: don't let them escape.
Scrutinising the stars, in these night skies, can only reward you with a shooting star! Be ready to make a wish! It will surely come true!
No frowns and bad moods! Your face is made for smiles that illuminate everyone. Try to smile even without a reason and everything will become more fun! Echino’s promise!
One never gets bored with you! But you sometimes get very bored. All that remains is to create new games to experiment as soon as we can see friends again!
Beware of pranks! They are really fun when we pull them, less so when we are the victim! April is a rascal and you never know what trick he will play!
You are quite impatient by nature, aren't you? Often this joyful characteristic of yours makes you very amusing but you risk getting into trouble! A little patience will benefit you and will bring you new friends.
I said "CHeerfull" not "aCHoo"! If lately you are sneezing more than usual, for your allergies , don't be alarmed! It is only the itch brought by Spring and she, you know, is naughty!
Being big-headed does not suit you, even if you have a captivating posture! Listening to some good advice is never a waste of time! And if the buzz of an industrious bee is whispering in your ear, you just have to follow it!
You dream of summer holidays, who can blame you! Are you ready and can't wait to buy a bucket and spade? Maybe it's a bit premature, better a watering can and some plants to shorten the wait.
 "Creativity" is the password that will unlock the door to a world that is still unexplored! Give your imagination wings and follow a butterfly! It will surely make you discover new worlds!